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Xarelto Mass Tort Lawsuits on the Rise Calling into Question Many Blood Thinners

We have all seen the horrible daytime TV ads and pesky Google ads, but what’s really the deal with Xarelto?

Ryan R. Bradley

Invokana and SLGT2 Inhibitor Breakdown, part Three: The Litigation Process

With the dangers of Invokana and SLGT2 Inhibitors well known, and multiple FDA warnings in place, the litigation surrounding the drugs is heating up across the country and in Illinois.

Ryan R. Bradley

Koester & Bradley Pharmaceutical Udate: FDA Updates Warning for Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

Koester & Bradley Reports More trouble for popular drugs Cipro, Levaquin, and Avelox. The FDA approves new warnings.

Ryan R. Bradley

Invokana and SLGT2 Inhibitor Breakdown, Part Two: The Side Effects

The symptoms of Ketoacidosis from Invokana are serious and need medical care. If you have Ketoacidosis from Invokana you may be entitled to Compensation.

Ryan R. Bradley

Invokana Kidney Problems are just the Tip of the Iceberg: SLGT2 Inhibitors Breakdown Part One

Johnson & Johnson’s Invokana has been linked to serious side effects. Stay Tuned for a Three Part Series on this dangerous Diabetes Drug.

Ryan R. Bradley

Silence is not Golden: What we can Learn from the Metal Hip Disaster

Metal on Metal Hips have had a serious impact on Illinois and Central Illinois in particular. What Lessons can we learn?

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