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Five Hidden Dangers for Fall Driving All Drivers Need to Know and Avoid


Some automobile accidents can seem like unexpected events that leave the victim with no means of escape. However, an awareness of the different types of driving hazards can prevent many of these accidents from happening. In addition, there are hazards within your car that can make an accident worse.   Here are five of these hidden dangers:

Low Tire Pressure

If you rarely check your tire pressures, there’s a good chance they’re under inflated. Looking at the sidewalls is a poor method of assessing tire pressure. Some tires always look under inflated even when at their correct pressure. Other tires have sidewalls that show only nominal bulging even though they’re 20% under inflated. Driving on under inflated tires damage their rubber and can cause a blowout, especially on hot days.

Cracked Windshield

A cracked windshield weakens your roof’s structure and increases the risk of its collapse in a rollover accident. In addition, the right side passenger airbag pushes against the windshield during its inflation. A windshield with a crack may be too weak to act as the airbag’s backboard. This renders the airbag ineffective at protecting the passenger.

Loose Objects in the Car

During a high-speed collision, every loose object in your car turns into a high-speed projectile. Getting hit by such an object in a violent collision can be fatal. Laptops, coffee mugs, toolkits, and even people without seat belts become dangerous projectiles.

Driving Next to a Large Truck

Semi-trucks have enormous blind spots on their sides. Some truck drivers keep track of traffic going into and out of their blind spots, while many others don’t. Never linger beside a semi-truck. A wind gust or a trailer tire blowout may cause the truck to make a sudden corrective maneuver into your lane. Some truck drivers may make sudden aggressive maneuvers without checking their mirrors.

Fast Moving Congested Traffic

Congested traffic is often slow-moving, which is a good thing. However, sometimes dense congested traffic moves along at high speeds. This is a dangerous situation because the vehicles don’t have sufficient spacing for safely slowing down or stopping if an accident or other road event suddenly occurs. This is a precondition for a pileup accident. For example, a sudden snow squall can precipitate a pileup accident in these conditions.

Keep these hidden dangers in mind as you hit the road in the fall driving season, and, as always, if another’s reckless or negligent driving injured you or a loved one in an accident, contact us to see if we can help.

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