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Hey Boston, Your Driving is Terrible


Koester & Bradley Accident lawyersIt’s a common stereotype around town: Bostonians are bad drivers.  This should not be totally surprising given the condition of the roads and the “Big Dig” that lasted for a millenia. Now the latest report from Allstate insurance proves its.  (We will discuss Allstate, and its claim machine Colossus in another post.) The insurance company’s 2015 America’s Best Drivers Report is supposed to celebrate the best cities for driving in the U.S. (The top honor goes to Kansas City, Kansas, by the way. Your chances of having an accident there are almost 25 percent less than the national average.) But you can turn this report on the 200 largest urban areas around and look at which one is the bottom.

Boston suffers that dubious distinction. Your chances of having an accident here are 57.7 percent greater than in the rest of the county. (Another Massachusetts city, Worcester, is in second place for car accidents.) One of the factors behind this ranking is population density, where Boston is also the worst. More people and vehicles in a smaller area increases the chances of a collision. Another is weather. Boston also has the worst one among the 200 cities, at least when precipitation (rain or now) is involved. The report, by the way, is based on the frequency of property damage collision claims for the carrier.

Apart from the amusement value, and the karma that comes attached from the success of Tom Brady and everybody’s favorite Patriots, there is a take-away for Champaign Urbana, Danville, Decatur and other Central Illinois towns when it comes to auto accidents.  Namely, that distracted driving is going up, and the more dense the population, and tricker the roads, the greater chance of a wreck.  Now, before you start to believe that Central Illinois residents are immune to car accidents–think again.  Simply pick up a copy of the News Gazette, Pantagraph, or other local papers and it will be rife with accident reports.  The moral: Pay attention, and drive defensively.

Additionally there are other way to stay safe on the road, most of which you already know. Don’t drive drunk. Avoid distractions, such as answering your cellphone or texting. Stay alert and if you feel drowsy during a long trip, pull over to a safe spot and catch a few hours of sleep. Drive at the posted speed limit. And maintain a safe following distance, which should grow longer when it’s raining or snowing.

If you have questions about automobile accidents and safety, or get into a car accident, please contact us so we can help.  Go Pats.

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