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Country Roads, Take Me Home…But be Careful


Koester & Bradley Champaign Accident Lawyers In Illinois, Country Roads hide danger beneath the beauty.

Living in Illinois, particularly central Illinois, offers a great opportunity to spend some time driving down country carol roads. Despite the beauty country roads are one of the most dangerous places to drive–especially during planing and harvesting. It is important to understand that country roads are often used for significant farming activity and accordingly, keep these tips in mind to be 100% safe at any time of year.

Stay Safe on Illinois’ Country Roads

  • When the corner or an intersection is surrounded by tall corn, it is of difficult for cars or farm implements to see around intersections. For this reason, always slowly approach every country road intersection and keep on the lookout.
  • No matter whether or not there is a stop sign at the intersection, fight the urge to drive through rural intersection without stopping first.
  • High rates of speed stick always slow reaction time and can be incredibly dangerous.  On country roads, speed becomes even more deadly.  Always maintain a reasonable (and legal) speed in the country–as good as it feels to cruise through the corn fields.
  • Finally, make sure that you’re able to communicate your location in the case of an accident.  This means not only having a cell phone, but know where you are in relation to the nearest emergency care provider.

Follow these tips and go for a drive on Illinois’ beautiful rural roads.

If you are injured in an accident in rural Illinois be sure to contact an attorney that has experience in these types of cases.

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