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Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot After an Auto Accident


Koester & Bradley Injury LawyersWhat You Do After an Accident can Hurt You

No one ever expects to be injured in an auto accident.  At Koester & Bradley we strive to make sure that our clients make all the right moves EVEN BEFORE they walk in our door, and this starts with education. We have written extensively about what to do after an automobile accident, but today let’s talk about what NOT to do and why. Automobile, trucking, or scooter accidents happen all the time and are particularly prevalent in Champaign County where so many interstate highways come together. Regardless of whether you were driving home from work or going to the grocery store, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. The last thing you want to do is end up making a mistake that could cause you to lose out on the money owed to you. Avoid these three mistakes when it comes to automobile accidents and your safety.

Never Settle Your Auto Accident Claim too Quickly

Insurance companies will often try to get you to settle your case fairly quickly. The quicker they settle, the less likely you are to fully understand the scope of your injuries and how much the whole accident is going to cost you. Even though you might need the money now, you are better off waiting until you are close to being fully recovered. This makes sure you can claim everything you lost from the incident.  This why in the state of Illinois the Statute of Limitations for an auto accident case is two years.  The Illinois legislature even understands that injuries can take a very long time to materialize.

Never Give a Statement on Pain Medication, or without an Attorney

Many insurance companies will try to get you to give a statement right after being in an accident. If you are taking pain medication, you need to refrain from giving any statements until you are completely coherent and able to understand what is going on.  Further, no matter how smart your are, the insurance adjusters are trained at deceptive practices designed to manipulate you into making concessions that can later be used against you.  It is your right to give no statement at all and to insist to having an attorney present.

Never Settle Your Case Without an Attorney

When dealing with an auto accident case, you need to make sure you have a trained lawyer working on your side. They will deal with the insurance company for you so you can focus on recovering from the accident.  Furthermore, it is simply a reality of the flawed insurance system that, only with an attorney on your side, can you maximize the recovery that you deserve.  This should obviously not be the case, but insurance companies have strict policies not to offer fair settlements to injuries parties without attorneys.

Contact us to schedule your consultation with one of the licensed attorneys who know the insurance company tricks, and are here to help.

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