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Legal News: Faulty Ignition Switches Are Causing Numerous Personal Injury Lawsuits against General Motors


Koester & Bradley General Motors AttorneysFaulty ignition switches are back in the news again with implications for residents of Central Illinois. General Motors first realized it had a problem in 2001, when company engineers discovered that the ignition switches on the Saturn Ion were not functioning properly. Later on, glitches were also discovered with the Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 models. Faulty ignition switches can cause vehicles to lose power unexpectedly. This is very dangerous for several reasons. It results in power steering shutting off, in brakes not functioning correctly, and the car stalling. In the event of a collision, the airbags will not deploy. The design flaw has allegedly caused numerous accidents, including at least 275 personal injuries and 124 fatalities.

In 2014 GM recalled numerous cars which were suspected of being fitted with faulty ignition switches. Unfortunately, a great deal of damage had already been done. Authorities felt that General Motors did not respond quickly enough to the problem, and on March 12 the Justice Department initiated a criminal investigation to discover the reason for the delayed recall. Numerous personal injury lawsuits have also been filed in this matter. GM has already paid out at least $2 billion, and many claims are still pending.

Even though the evidence against General Motors is compelling, not all litigation against the company has been successful. A suit in Manhattan federal court was dismissed in January of 2016 because the plaintiff gave misleading evidence. GM discovered that he misrepresented his injuries and financial situation.  This is why the choice of an attorney is important when pursuing your claim.

Large companies, such as General Motors, who are subjected to mass tort lawsuits, can appear to be attractive defendants to potential litigants, but it important to keep in mind that such corporations also have the financial resources to defend themselves very well. Their investigators and attorneys often discover information that plaintiffs would not have anticipated, as was the case with the Manhattan suit. The success in such a lawsuit is greatly determined by the quality of legal representation which is obtained. It is therefore important to retain a qualified attorney if legal action is being considered. If you have been injured in a car accident, and you believe that the manufacturer is at fault, please contact us today to discuss your options.

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