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Syngenta Cases to Stay in Illinois State Courts

Koester & Bradley Syngenta Attorneys

Koester & Bradley is part of the team pursuing Syngenta Lawsuits in Illinois

All farmers in the United States can now file their Syngenta cases in Illinois–a major victory for Illinois and National Farmers.

Koester & Bradley, LLP and Meyers & Flowers, an Illinois-based law firm, leading the Syngenta litigation for the Plaintiffs, Illinois corn farmers, announce the cases will be transferred to the Circuit Court of Williamson County, Illinois, to secure local farmers’ participation in court proceedings.  Rather than relying on the MDL process in the Syngenta case which is presently located in Kansas City, Koester & Bradley can now file all cases for farmers in the United States against Syngenta Seeds, Inc. in Illinois–a signifcant advantage. The Koester & Bradley team is collaborating with Meyers & Flowers and Mark Prince, Attorney of The Prince Law Firm in Marion Illinois. This is the first step in ensuring the 96 percent of the cases originated in Williamson County will be heard including the farming community affected by the actions of Syngenta Seeds Inc., one of the largest agribusiness corporations in the world.

In 2011, Syngenta began marketing, distributing and commercializing its genetically modified corn seed, Agrisure Viptera GMO prior to receiving approval for import to China, one of the largest importers of U.S. raised corn in the world, according to the plaintiffs.  Importantly, China had been increasing its import of US corn in all of the years leading up to its refusal of the corn.  Grain elevators, Ethenol producers, Corporations that use corn as a raw material as well as corn farmers who invested and planted the seed have been impacted, as well as the local farmers whose crops were contaminated by this seed through transfer. China began rejecting U.S. shipments of corn due to traces of this unapproved seed, MIR162, in 2013.  Despite the fact that China has lifted the ban, damages continue.

“Syngenta’s actions have resulted in billions of dollars in damages to the Illinois farmers and have threatened the entire American agricultural industry,” said Peter Flowers, Partner of Meyers & Flowers. “We have now secured the litigation in Williamson County where the farms that have been hit the most are located. We will work tirelessly to seek justice for the damages that Syngenta has inflicted on our farmers and the American farming industry as a whole. Each individual case must be heard in order to understand the full economic impact and personal devastation that has occurred as a result of these seeds contaminating American farmland.”

This decision by the Williamson County Court also assures that the cases filed in the consolidation will receive individual treatment for their damages rather than being pushed into a class action similar to StarLink a few years back.

If you are a farmer, or have lost income due to the fall in corn prices over the last 2 plus years, feel free to contact Koester & Bradley with any questions.  Members of our team will discuss the matter with you and even come visit your farm.  Stay tuned for further developments and check the Illinois Syngenta Lawsuit Information Center.

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