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Nursing Home Neglect: Types and Symptoms

Koester & Bradley Nursing Home Attorneys Champaign COunty

Nursing Home Cases are Difficult Medically and Emotionally

No one wants to deal with a neglect case of any kind, and nursing home neglect cases are no different.  What may be different are the types of neglect, or the symptoms surrounding that neglect that you may encounter.

When suspicions arise, here are a few things to look for that may help you make the decision to call for representation.  Keep in mind that in Champaign County Illinois and across the state, Nursing Home Negligence are governed by the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act. It is vital to retain an experienced local attorney to ensure that the proper procedures are filed.

Personal Hygiene Neglect

If your loved one suddenly shows signs of neglect in the area of their personal hygiene, this usually manifests itself fairly quickly and obviously.  Is laundry going undone? Are their teeth or dentures being taken care of?  Have you noticed a lack of bathing, or a general practice of uncleanliness taking place? These points can be a first alert of neglect going on or an underlying problem that may need to be addressed.

Basic Needs Neglect

Can you tell that your loved one is not getting their basic needs met?  Food, water or shelter should be covered above all else, but when neglect is present you may notice a decline in reasonable food or water or even the basic need of a safe and clean living condition. Inspect rooms and pay attention to any weight changes with your loved one, and take notes of what you find, these could lead to a type of neglect previously unnoticed.

Medical Neglect

This one may be tough to spot, but your loved one may not be getting the proper medical care they need and deserve. Have you noticed any unattended cuts or bruising? Are there any indications of bed sores or has mobility decreased? Can you tell if medications have been neglected or has cognition declined? These indicators may point to a neglect of some type that you may need to address.

As your loved one may not be able to give you clues, you are the best eye-witness, in most cases, to discover a wrong doing. If for any reason you have a concern or simply a feeling that makes you uneasy please contact us and we will guide you through those concerns.


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  1. Tara Jones says:
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    When we went to visit my mother yesterday she mentioned that she had some very painful spots on her back – turns out they were bed sores. Of course, I was very upset about that because I put her in a nursing home so she would be well taken care of. Is that grounds enough to go find a lawyer, or should I look for more evidence first?

    • up arrow

      These cases can be complex and difficult. It will not hurt to seek the advice of an attorney. Most lawyers will not charge for the consultation. Where are you located?

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