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Safe Driving During Floods in Illinois

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Stay Safe Driving During Flooding

With widespread flooding occurring in Illinois, you must drive with extra caution. Recent floods caused the deaths several people, including some trapped in their car by water. Therefore, we want to provide you with tips about Automobile Accidents and Safety during floods.

  • Don’t drive over water. You may think that the water is not too deep and that you could easily pass it so long as you drive slowly. However, though a stream may appear small, it could still be dangerous. Moreover, according to the National Weather Service, even twelve inches of moving water can sweep away a small car and two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles.
  • Drive cautiously. If you must over water, be cautious. Check to see whether other drives are passing over the water. How deep is the water? Is there debris moving through the water? Note that water can also damage roads, causing an unseen danger.
  • Drive defensively. Though you know to proceed with extra caution during fierce weather, not all drivers will do the same. Some drivers think they are invincible and will drive too fast or will not break fast enough to slow down. Be aware of your surroundings and other drivers at all times.
  • Remove distractions. Don’t talk on your cell phone unless you are reporting an accident. Don’t eat or put on make-up while driving. Watch the road. While these are good tips for any kind of weather, it is especially important during severe weather.
  • Get help. If you get stuck on the road because of waters, call your local police or fire department. If you become injured by another driver, contact your local authorities then contact us.

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